Let’s Make a Difference!

When starting this website, we had one thing in mind, to give back to the GBS community and to help raise awareness for GBS. Which is why we have come up with this idea.

Every month, 10% of the sales from this website are going to be donated to one person who is truly in need of the funds. The amount donated is completely based on the amount of order placed that month! Encourage your friends and family to come and raise awareness by purchasing GBS Warrior accessories and apparel!

There are no limits to those who are able to be nominated. It can be family of someone who has GBS, children, elderly, someone who can’t pay their bills this month on account of medical bills having to be paid, etc.

Don’t Forget to Shop!



Who Do You Nominate?

  • No age limit!
  • Duplicate Nominations from the same person will not count towards the final tally.
  • The check will be written in the amount from the sales from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month.
  • 10% of the month’s sales will be donated.
  • We would prefer you not nominate yourself. You can always have family members come and nominate you.
  • For children nominations under 18, please include the Guardians name in the text box provided.
  • If no one claims the donation from the current month, that amount will be added to the next month!

Past Winners

June 2017 – Cassie Pitt

July 2017 – Rachael Bradshaw